General Yoga

As a Yoga teacher, Rebekah works intuitively aiming to allow people to unlock their inner potential through a deep meditative practice, which allows one to enter into a place of stillness, peace and knowing.


Wednesday 09.30 – 10.30am

Room Frome (link to map)

Prices: £8 drop in and £7 when paid in advance for half term (non-refundable when a class is missed).

Thursday 7.30 – 9.00pm

Steiner Academy Frome (link to map)

Prices: £10 drop in and £9 when paid in advance for 5 sessions (£45), valid for 2 months.  £8 per session when a half term is booked in advance (non-refundable when a class is missed).

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and book classes.

Classes are open to all from beginners to committed long term practitioners. Rebekah’s classes are based upon the Sivananda series incorporating pranayama (breathing), asana (posture) and savasana (relaxation). Asanas may be held in stillness combined with deep breathing or practiced dynamically as a flowing vinyasa sequence to suit the needs and dynamic of a class.

During a class you will be encouraged to work mindfully with awareness of how you are feeling physically and mentally in the moment. Rebekah’s experience allows her to offer a range of variations to suit your specific needs, whether you require more gentle variations for a restorative practice or more challenging variations for a stronger practice – all within the structure of a general class.

“I love your yoga classes – the way you let me go at my own pace and enable me to meet myself” – Rebecca Davis Shiatsu practitioner and trainer.

“I always find your classes a joy and come away feeling relaxed, revitalised and nurtured. I love the balance of asana practice, spirituality and fun.” –  Carol, Yoga Student

“I always come out of classes feeling wonderful and the feeling carries on until the next day. Becky is like the sunshine warming everyone on her path.  A natural healer and very gifted yoga teacher” – Julie, Midwife and Yoga Teacher.

“Becky is an outstanding teacher. The combination of integrity, warmth and humility means that her students become truly invested in their practice. She exudes yoga in all that she does. Like all great teachers, she teaches by embodying the philosophy and practice of yoga in every corner of her life. A very rare opportunity for you to be in the presence of a living yogi.” – Charlotta Martinus, director of Universal Yoga and Teen Yoga

The benefits of a regular yoga practise are extensive and support us physically, mentally and spiritually. The table below shows just a few of these many benefits.

Physical Benefits Mental Benefits Spiritual Benefits
Improved circulation and respiration Relaxation Sense of connection and trust in the process of life
The body becomes stronger and more flexible easing conditions of the musculoskeletal system such as sciatica and back pain Increased concentration Balanced and increased vital energy (prana)
Balances the nervous system increasing relaxation and state of ease Mental balance eases conditions such as anxiety and depression Increased intuition and self-awareness

Rebekah offers 1-1 Yoga sessions for individuals who feel that they would benefit from a specialised, personal practise or are new to Yoga and would like to lay the foundations of their practise.

Yoga Lila is able to offer Yoga activities for a number of events including birthday parties and hen parties please get in touch to discuss your requirements and create your tailor made class. Yoga Lila are also able to offer Yoga classes for bigger events such as festivals.



Rebekah is a senior registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.