Yoga Lila offers an experienced and professional Yoga service to the community of Frome and the surrounding areas in Somerset. Yoga Lila specialises in offering Yoga to all through a range of accessible classes and workshops.

NEW TEEN CLASS: Monday 3.40 – 4.40pm @ Steiner Academy Frome 

GENERAL YOGA: Wednesday 9.30 – 10.30 @ Room Frome and Thursday 7.30 – 9 @ Steiner Academy Frome

WEEKEND FAMILY YOGA: First Sunday of the month 10 – 11am @ Dunkerton and Second bi-monthly Sundays 10.30 – 11.30 @ Hub Nub 

“A most inspiring teacher. Becky’s classes are like massage for the soul, delivering both energy and tranquility in perfect balance” – Matthew Dixon, Yoga Teacher

“Rebekah is an outstanding, intuitive and sensitive yoga teacher, who lives and breathes her teachings. I feel completely held and safe in her classes and feel inspired to be in her presence because her teachings carry so much wisdom, purity and integrity” – Robin, Yoga Teacher




Through our Yoga practice our minds begin to quiet, we come to stillness and through stillness we come to a place of peace. When we experience deep inner peace we begin to weave a new reality for humanity. As our inner experience of peace ripples outwards and we share our peace with others, thread by thread a new cloth is woven. This is my offering to you.

Yoga can be translated to mean Union. Through Yoga practises we come to experience the union of body, mind and spirit. We experience the ultimate oneness of our existence.

Lila is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Divine Play’. Yoga Lila – The Yoga of the divine play, of which we all play our part. At Yoga Lila we embrace all aspects of our embodied existence on this planet whilst knowing that in the stillness of the heart there is a unified truth which is beyond our individual and collective stories. In Yoga Vedanta we call this Brahman. Through my own personal practice, I have come to experience the paradox and beauty of Lila. As we embrace our role in this story of life, enjoying the play as it unfolds with its fullest potential, we experience its joys, the beauty and grow through our experiences of pain and suffering. Through the practice of Yoga, we develop an increasing detachment to our story, whilst living fully we are able to reside in the bliss of our unity, trusting the flow of our personal and collective unfolding Lila.


Rebekah is a senior registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.